Protecting your financial information

(NC) No one wants to wake up and find out that money has disappeared from their bank account, or that their credit card has been used for purchases they did not make. But, this is a reality that many Canadians have experienced. An ill-intentioned person can steal your identity and access your personal finances. There are a variety of ways they might do this, whether by accessing your information online, by phone, by mail or other means.

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Buying a new home? Beware of mortgage fraud

(NC) Purchasing a new home is a big milestone that’s typically full of happy moments – from picking out new furniture and décor to discovering all the interesting spots in your new neighbourhood. But this is also a time when homebuyers can be susceptible to mortgage fraud. According to a recent survey conducted for Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), only 35 per cent of people are aware of the dangers posed by mortgage fraud.

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